Gangstalkers – lousy service in restaurants

Living in Paranoid Times

Lousy service in restaurants, and cafes, and pubs. Why?
The first time as Target Bait, you go to a restaurant/cafe/pub, for food, the food is good and the service is good.
The second time? – It looks like you have been served second hand food, which took longer to prepare, and delivered, often, by either a shame-faced or smug, employee. That’s how you know. But there is another reason why you know. You are meant to.
The first time you went to that cafe/restaurant/pub, you were followed by the gangstalker Recruiters. Now they have infiltrated that business, your task there, as bait, is finished. They want you to know you will get shoddy service there, so that you are forced to go to other cafes/resaurants/pubs, you have not been to yet, so that they can send their Recruiters there.

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Gang stalkers methods – why do they do that?

1.     How they choose a target.

The Target cannot be a criminal, cannot be a crazy, but they must belong to some low status category .

Why?  A criminal could be arrested for a crime so they would not be any use as Bait.

A crazy or a criminal are loose cannons – they could retaliate unpredictably under pressure which risks exposing the situation.

Lies about a lower status person will be believed.

2.     What is the purpose of the appalling lies told about the Target?

See the book “Influence” by Cialdini.  Strong emotion disables rational thought.  The gang stalking Recruiter  is following standard con artists procedure to dupe the potential recruit. He engages revulsion against the Target Bait and stimulates the engenue’s desire to be public spirited. He accompanies this by being sympathetic and helpful, reinforcing his own credibility and like ability and reinforcing the subjects desire to cooperate/reciprocate.  Recruitment techniques similar to these are used by cults.

3.     What is the purpose of the appalling treatment that the gang stalker is required to use against the Target?

.     The Recruiter has exploited the target Recruits innate prejudice against the Target/Bait.  He gives the Recruit permission to act on his prejudice. Acting on the prejudice reinforces it. the focus of the Recruits attention is held by the Bait and away from the Recruiter’s manipulation.  Carrying out immoral, socially proscribed, criminal acts creates stress in the Recruit, further emotionally distracting him. Paradoxically it heightens hatred of the Target. The immoral/unconventional acts undermine the Recruits normal socialisation.  He cannot face up to the guilt and shame of what he is doing. He is reassured by his Recruiter that what he is doing is right. His hatred of the Target becomes a self-justification. He becomes dependent on the Recruiter for support And starts to adopt the Recruiter’s new fake reality. The process destroys conscience and normal socialisation. The Recruiter can now impose his new agenda.