Gangstalkers – lousy service in restaurants

Living in Paranoid Times

Lousy service in restaurants, and cafes, and pubs. Why?
The first time as Target Bait, you go to a restaurant/cafe/pub, for food, the food is good and the service is good.
The second time? – It looks like you have been served second hand food, which took longer to prepare, and delivered, often, by either a shame-faced or smug, employee. That’s how you know. But there is another reason why you know. You are meant to.
The first time you went to that cafe/restaurant/pub, you were followed by the gangstalker Recruiters. Now they have infiltrated that business, your task there, as bait, is finished. They want you to know you will get shoddy service there, so that you are forced to go to other cafes/resaurants/pubs, you have not been to yet, so that they can send their Recruiters there.

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