The Scary Truth of Psychological Engineering

The Scary Truth of Psychological Engineering.

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How headlines mislead: The $4.7 million “workplace bullying case”

Minding the Workplace

Yesterday I received multiple e-mails alerting me to a jury verdict awarding some $4.7 million to an employee in a “workplace bullying case.” In fact, this is the headline that blared from a legal compliance site:

Federal Jury Awards $4.7 Million in Workplace Bullying Case

The accompanying summary by Marjorie Richter says more about the case. Here’s the lede:

An employee of a Brooklyn, New York clothing store was awarded $4.7 million by a federal jury after being repeatedly bullied by a co-worker and ultimately physically attacked. The award was for assault, emotional distress, negligence in the employer’s hiring of the bully and punitive damages.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff, a Yemen-born stock clerk, was bullied by a security guard at the store, who repeatedly called the plaintiff “bin Laden” and used other religious, racial and ethnic slurs throughout the plaintiff’s employment at the store. The security guard…

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More unhelpful search engines

Citizens, not serfs

A short while ago I wrote an article about Google’s perverse responses to my search questions. Specifically it appeared not just to ignore the prepositions in my question, but consistently give opposite replies. In order to get round Google’s obtuseness I migrated to other search engines. However the problem has followed me there. The following is a photo of the replies to my enquiry about “battered wives” the tricks their husbands employ against them. The Search engine is Webcrawler.





You can also note that amidst the bulk of replies giving the specific opposite to my question, when the answers refer to wives they talk about wives getting back at their husbands using witchcraft, why women cheat on their husbands, the right of men to physically punish their wives, women who kill their battering husband and “What does the Bible say about abused wives”.

The answers to my enquiry…

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