Happy Blogging Birthday!

Citizens, not serfs

WordPress has just informed me that I started blogging one year ago today. So, as a gang stalking site, sort of, I have reached my first birthday. I wonder if I will reach my second as credible gang stalking sites, as exposegangstalking has noted, don’t last very long. By the time they have become visible to the community, about a yearish, they go silent or start spouting nonsense.

One of the best gangstalking sites, which I recommended, was gangstalkingexposed, written by an elderly American lady, who found herself targeted after the death of her mother. She was a charity worker and well-respected until the gang stalking started. She realised the need to advertise the gang stalking phenomenon and gave out leaflets with “Google gang stalking” on them. First her site went silent. Then it ceased to be listed on Google. When I found it on other search engines, her postings…

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