Working the Gray Area

Mobbing and Bullying

©2014 Gail Pursell Elliott

“The only real moral crime that one man can commit against another is the attempt to create, by his words or actions, an impression of the contradictory, the impossible, the irrational, and thus shake the concept of rationality in his victim.” — Ayn Rand

Whether or not you agree with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, the above quote describes clearly a type of abuse perpetrated by mobbers and bullies in the workplace. Even if you have a bullying or general harassment policy in place, these enterprising people will work in the gray areas of those policies. This can happen on any level of the organization, whether supervisors, coworkers, or subordinates. It is important to be specific when writing such a policy that these more subtle behaviors are included and also to pay attention to concerns from employees which may seem trivial at the time but are indicative of…

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