We’re Hot and Sleepless, How Are You?

Thinking Out Loud

Bad NeighborsWe don’t have central air conditioning, or even off-center air conditioning. So on hot summer nights, we like to be able to leave a window or two open. But for the past several nights that hasn’t been an option.

Our 35-year old next door neighbor is having her annual Canadian long weekend party. Five full days. Four nights. A 24-hour drunken fest, complete with screaming, nighly outdoor bonfires without a permit, loud profanity every ten seconds, and guys urinating in our lilac bushes. All day all night, mostly sitting in her backyard, an area devoid of trees or even a fountain; nothing to commend it whatsoever for an extended stay.

Years ago, I called the police on this family only to realize that they were friends with the police dispatcher and that “they would never do that.”  More recently, another neighbor called the cops, and the partiers assumed it was…

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