Roundup on workplace bullying and anti-bullying legislation

Minding the Workplace

Workplace bullying and the Healthy Workplace Bill continue to attract interest from the media and professional associations. Here are five pieces that exemplify this trend: on workplace bullying legislation

In a piece posted earlier this year by and the Association of Corporate Counsel, employment attorney Stephanie K. Rawitt assesses the implications of pending workplace bullying legislation:

The US is actually the last of the western democracies to consider laws forbidding workplace bullying.

…Since 2003, 25 states have introduced workplace bullying legislation that would allow workers to sue for harassment, without requiring a showing of discrimination. The proposed legislation was born in 2001 by Suffolk University Professor of Law David Yamada, who drafted the text of the Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB).

…Enactment of anti-bullying legislation could very well be one of the biggest things to happen in the world of employment law since the passage of Title VII given…

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