“Bully in Sight” Book recommendation

Citizens, not serfs


One of the best books on bullying in the workplace, but a tad heavy going. Tim Field has a brilliant website which is packed with useful references.

http://www.bullyonline.org/workbully/       Tim Field


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“Straw Dogs” Hoffman, 1971 version. Film Recommendation.

Citizens, not serfs


A Personal View

It was a major surprise to me that this film was banned, but not “Clockwork Orange” which came out about the same time. Clockwork Orange was a sickening film, which appeared to glorify random, perverted violence. Straw Dogs, on the other hand, showed the lengths a peaceable person can go to, when they are forced to defend themselves against unprovoked, life-threatening threat, when the authorities are ineffective. The banning of one film, but not the other, makes you wonder about Authority’s priorities.

I enjoyed the film principally because of its realism. I think it the only film I have ever seen which portrayed rural life honestly. Far from being an idyll of peace, contemplating the beauty of nature and listening to bird-song, it is often a hot-bed of incestuous emotion, bigotry and the dangers invented by young, male no-hopers who alleviate their boredom and low status by…

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