Gang stalking – Gaslighting technique – Noise

As a Targeted Individual have you ever wondered why the noise nuisance which is carried on where you live never results in complaints from noise nuisance from the neighbours?

As I wake up to another day of leaf blowers, machinery, and hammering,  in what used to be a tranquil area of Harrogate, I think I have found the answer to that question.

How do you make someone look guilty, who doesn’t do anything, just leads an ordinary, quiet life? In order for the gang stalker Recruiters to keep their recruits on the hook, they have got to provide them with evidence of trouble making. Even where there is none. So they manufacture it themselves. My guess is their story goes like this – in that address there is a criminal/whatever, which you do not want in your neighbourhood.  You can identify their presence, make it known to them that everyone knows about them, and who knows, maybe encourage them to leave, if you make a point of making a lot of noise at all hours of the day. Of course you will have to put up with a bit of extra noise nuisance yourself, but it is in a good cause.

So the poor, misidirected recruit dutifully goes out into their yard several times a day to make a lot of unnecessary noise. Of course it is annoying all your neighbours too, so now they have an actual reason to view you as a detriment to the well-being of their community.  If not for your presence people could enjoy peace and quiet.

This is a clever, but standard gaslighting technique, where someone else acts in an odd, unwarranted or anti-social way, but a  totally innocent party gets the blame.


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