The Gangstalking Confidence Scam

You cannot con an honest man.  Yes you can.  If the man is law abiding, respects authority, hates criminals.  How could a con artist reach such a person? By “representing law and order”, by wanting to protect you from criminals – all he needs is your cooperation.

The gang stalking con trick works like this. Picture an inverted pyramid resting on its point.  That point is the single Targeted Individual.  A normal, but low status, member of the public.  No man is an island. We all live in a social setting. We all have to live somewhere, work somewhere, use banks, medical services, use shops. Every interaction is a social interaction even for the most reclusive in society.  The con artist recruiter selects their bait, then the bait is followed.  Everywhere they go, everyone they have contact with is now a mark.  The mark is studied. Con artists need to distract their victims from what is really going on.  Heightened emotion occludes rational thought and makes people more suggestible.  The Recruiter has to identify the lie or lies that will get their mark “going”.  Upright church going member of the community – they won’t like gays.  Muslim -won’t like prostitutes.  Parents – won’t like drug dealers or paedophiles.  Employers – won’t like thieves.  Honest working people – won’t like welfare fraudsters and so on. The Recruiter selects the lie that will get his mark going. Then he presents himself as an agent of law and order and makes the marks acquaintance.  That person you just spoke to, we are sorry to have to tell you this but they are a – select from the following list – thief, paedophile, welfare fraudster, prostitute, drug dealer, has psychiatric problems, mentally unstable possibly dangerous, terrorist, homo – whatever.  The mark is frightened – he has just met and interacted with a person he would have sooner avoided.  He is frightened and angry, and his deep rooted prejudices have been fanned into active life.  But the friendly “lawman” has a solution. He can help  all that is needed is your cooperation.

You cannot con an honest man – yes you can, when the person IS honest.

The mark is now one step up from the base of the inverted pyramid.  The friendly law man needs you to be on call – at a moments notice you might be needed to follow the thief, terrorist, prostitute, paedophile, so that the “authorities” know what he/she is doing.  It is important.  Can you do that? You are helping to protect your community.  You say yes, and now your time is not your own.  You could be called up at any moment and you have to be available.   All the while, to keep you motivated, you will be fed snippets of disgusting facts about the Target. Your anger is being fed.  Your life is not your own because that person moved into the neighbourhood.  You want their life to become as miserable as possible so that they move away and you can have your life back, and one day that happens.  The Target moves away and you heave a sigh of relief.  But your Recruiter has not gone away.  He calls on you to do something else for him. You say, no thanks. Once was enough. Then your Recruiter points out to you that your son/daughter smoked a bit of dope at such and such an address on a certain date – they could have prosecuted, but because it was you . . .  It is like the Mafia – once you are in, you are in for life.  And just like the Mafia the law of omerta prevails.  Now if you want to stay out of your trouble (or your husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, lover, best friend et al) you will have to pay them. They know exactly your financial worth. You can’t hide it from them, you see earlier, they recruited people who worked at your bank.  And they are coming after you for all you have got.  SELF FUNDED OPERATIONS. Ever heard that term before? You have now.

A useful article on cults and how they work is the article by Julia Layton “How Cults Work” in the site How Stuff Works.

An excellent book  on manipulation, which con artists are well practiced in, is Cialdini’s “Influence”

But don’t listen to me. I am a Targeted Individual.  What is more likely? That I am lying, or everyone else is. Exactly!


2 thoughts on “The Gangstalking Confidence Scam

  1. Sometimes the honest can be stupid. Just one step and u can see the vs games. Police with all their budgets why need employer…neighbor assist…with the end game is bullying and criminality. But you are right on about the bait n target have both been spayed on beforehand thus the net is set

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